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Name Menu
Shortcut None
Area Menu screens

The dashboard screen is the first screen presented to a user once they have logged into the system. It provides different methods of using the software. The menu across the top of the window breaks the programs into separate groups for easy access.

If you know the program you want to access you can simply type the shortcut in to the NOVUS shortcut box and access it directly. The dropdown menu to the right shows a shortlist of programs available for selection.

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen is the User Guide. As you access a program, the User Guide page for that program will open dynamically.

You can also access the User Guide via our support website:
or from a browser:

The main panel appears in the centre of the screen; the various panels on the menu screen can be resized by dragging the panel borders, and re-positioned using the panel positioning icons.

F1 - Help button

If you want to know more about the program, being inside the program, position the mouse cursor into the first field and press F1 key on your keyboard. Clicking this button will launch the User Guide directly onto your desktop.

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